Mark Wills, MSc FIAP

Mark Wills is an accomplished analyst/programmer, having worked on a variety of extremely technical projects, mostly involved with control applications in the utilities industries.

A member of the Institute of Analysts and Programmers, he is an expert Visual Basic programmer, working with both VB6 and VB.Net (VS2005), and in addition is a an expert in ASP (Active Server Pages), SQL (Access, SQL Server), HTML, and JavaScript.

Institute of Analysts and Programmers


Additionally, Mark has worked with embedded systems, and written a large amount of Assembly/Machine Code, in his time, including Z80 Processors, TMS990x processors, and Motorola 68K processors.


As Mark has spent a lot of time designing and writing mission critical software applications, most notably for companies such as Serck Controls, it is inevitable that he should pick up industrial controller programming skills also along the way. Mark has worked closely with Allen Bradley SLC, and Micrologix PLC's, ABB AC800M PLC's, Serck 2000M RTU's, and Microrobotics VM1's.


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This site is really intended as a companion to Mark's CV, which is also available via this web site. Clients interested in securing his services can have a look around this site and get more information on the projects he has worked on.


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